Saturday, November 14, 2009

London: Radio Theatre, BBC Radio 2

Set List
  1. We Weren´t Born To Follow
  2. Who Says You Can´t Go Home
  3. You Give Love A Bad Name
  4. Work For The Working Man
  5. Whole Lot Of Leaving
  6. Livin On A Prayer
  7. When We Were Beautiful
  8. It´s My Life
  9. Superman Tonight
  10. Wanted Dead Or Alive
**Note:  This show was recorded November 3, but aired November 14

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Anonymous said...

11.3.09-Radio Theatre BBC Radio 2, Broadcasting House,Londres link is broken, I only have to part 4, Can you please replace?

Anonymous said...

video video please!!!

The Goddess Hathor said...

I had the Audio and Video links reversed, I've corrected and tested those.

Also, I was able to download all the video tracks from the SkyDrive. Send me an email and let me know the exact issue, and I'll try to help out!

~ Hath